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About Us

About Us

Med Alert Response is a Florida based corporation founded over twenty years ago. Since the day of inception, Med Alert has been driven to provide quality and compassionate personal care to our clients. Today, we share our passion far and wide serving our clients as far west as Alaska and as far east as Florida.

We still treat Med Alert like a family business. We still care about each client individually. We pride ourselves in maintaining an impeccable reputation for honest, affordable and professional service. Med Alert is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and 5 star rated by our clientele.

Maybe you heard about us from one of our clients? Perhaps you were directed here by a friend, or trusted medical provider. It’s certain that you found us by someone who deeply cares about your well being – and so do we. If you’re ready to take the next step in getting your medical alert system, please give us a call. We’re here to help!



President, David Hmielewski

David has been involved in the alarm industry for nearly 20 years. First learning the ins and outs of the security world, he discovered the real beauty in alarm systems. The real beauty was in the devices that made a real difference by protecting the “things” we could never replace by insurance – our lives. David has dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge and compassion and often visits the local senior centers to share his big heart.


Vice President, Angie H.

Angie grew up with a super close relationship with her grandparents. At first, they took care of her – providing her the love and support she needed to fly into this world with an open mind and determined heart. In their later years, the roles reversed and Angie was glad to take care of them. Angie brings her protective and personal relationship skills to Med Alert. She looks after our clients like no other!


National Sales Director, Randy W.

Randy has been in sales for 40 years. He brings a wealth of sales knowledge to Med Alert Response. He lives in Mount Dora, Florida with his wife and
has 3 grown sons. Randy’s mother-in-law is a Med Alert client so she and her loved ones can stay in contact at all times.


Client Support Manager,  Matt B.

Matt has worked in the healthcare staffing industry for many years. Matt appreciates the science of matching the right care to the right patient. He understands how important the tools of the medical industry are and once he saw how our Med Alert two way voice system works, he was very interested in working with the clients on a more personal level. Today, Matt works with healthcare agencies around the country ensuring that all of their clients have Med Alert service available to them.


Life Safety Specialist, Carolyn S.

Carolyn is the face of Med Alert. Carolyn has spent the last 8 years meeting with our South Florida clients and their families in their home. Carolyn takes the time to make sure each client is completely comfortable using their medical alert system and understands how the system will work in the event of an emergency. Med Alert was founded by Carolyns brother and sister in law  – she keeps the family business going.


Life Safety Specialist, Kyle R.

Kyle became a part of the Med Alert team after meeting Carolyn several years ago. Kyle caught the passion bug from Carolyn and she’s been on a roll ever since. Kyle loves working with people! Kyle spends her time spreading the world about how important Med Alert is for our senior citizens to everyone and anyone. Afterall, doesn’t everyone have an aunt, uncle, mom or dad that should really have a Med Alert?


Life Safety Specialist, Josh B.

Josh comes from a beach community on the east coast of Florida. He really knows how to make friends! Josh concentrates his involvement with Med Alert on sharing Med Alert’s benefits with the unlikely subscriber. You see, there are lots of people who could benefit from Med Alert including those with temporary ailments steming from a planned surgery or accidental injury. People suffering from epilepsy, cerebal palsy, equilibrium debilitating ailments etc. could also benefit. Old or young, Med Alert is here to support you in the event of an emergency – and Josh is here to help.



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