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GPS Medical Alert Systems

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Med Alert Response has GPS medical alert systems that will protect your loved ones in the time of need!

Med Alert Response GPS medical alert systems, allow seniors greater freedom when they call for help from anywhere at anytime. An emergency button quickly connects individuals with an emergency care center. This is using two-way voice technology. The care center specialists can speak with the user, track the user’s location, dispatch EMS or emergency help and relay information to families and first responders. The Med Alert Response is great for seniors and individuals with cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s, or autism. Med Alert Response GPS medical alert systems offer the freedom and peace of mind of knowing that help is just the push of a button away with the added benefit of nationwide coverage.

Med Alert Response excellent features:

* Monitor your location using a smartphone or computer to monitor from any location. Your loved one’s location will be visible via an online map which offers turn-by-turn directions to their location, with accuracy up to 40 meters.

* Set up “Safety Circles”! Med Alert Response “Safety Circles” are areas that you establish and wish to monitor. If the device enters or leaves the designated circle you will be notified. You can manage these online or through a mobile application.

* Emergency Button button can be pushed in the event of injury or danger to signal for help. A text and/or email message will instantly be sent to emergency contact persons and local law enforcement will be called.

* Connect to Med Alert Response 24/7 Emergency Response service is available at all times to help during an emergency. Med Alert Response will also provide family notification, and law enforcement or EMS notification if family cannot be reached.

* Store your medical info!  Your medical record can assist with your treatment and care. In case of an emergency this vital information will be conveyed to assist medical personnel through Med Alert Response 24/7 Emergency Response service.

* Med Alert Response GPS device is the lightest and smallest GPS enabled device, and compares in size to a domino chip. It is perfect for back packing, driving, going for a walk, or for putting on your key chain for easy access.

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