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No Annual Contract Medical Alarm Service

No Annual Contract Medical Alarm Service

No annual contract Medical Alarm Service. When your family is in need, you want to get them the help they deserve. The kind of help that is personal, affordable and useful when you need it. Med Alert can provide that type of service to your loved ones! Take advantage of our affordable plans with terms as little as 3 months! 3 Months is generally the period that a person would need to go through rehabilitation and to get their strength back after a fall or major surgery.

With Med Alert, you use your medical alert system for as long as you need it or for as little as 3 months! We provide the equipment and Medical Alarm Service monitoring so that you have peace of mind 24 hours a day.

Our state of the art two way voice medical alert system has built in two way voice service directly through the pendant. You can request the help of a family member, friend or neighbor in the event of a non life threatening emergency. If you need emergency medical care we’ll handle contacting your local EMS or fire department and get them headed your way lickety split!

You can wear your medical alert button on a medical necklace, medical bracelet or on a belt clip. Wear it any way that’s most comfortable. Find peace of mind in and around your house – up to 5 acres of coverage, even in the shower where most accidents happen.

Med Alert offers local delivery and setup in Orlando, Florida Mount Dora, Florida Miami, Florida Palm Beach, Florida and more. Call our corporate office and talk to one of our life safety specialists about protecting yourself or a loved one today!

Orlando – 407-730-3571

Palm Beach – 561-739-5131

Broward – 954-399-5584

Toll Free 1-800-950-1499

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