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Med Alert’s Life Saving Two Way Voice

Med Alert’s Life Saving Two Way Voice

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Med Alert systems offer live two way voice communication directly through the worlds smallest two way voice help button. To engage the call to our central monitoring station, clients simply push and hold the single blue button on the front of the medical pendant. Within moments, one of our knowledgable and friendly support representatives will be speaking to you directly through the Med Alert button.

Operators can ask the client what type of emergency assistance is needed Рand the client can relay their requests for assistance directly through the pendant! This crystal clear two way voice communication allows the user to request the help of a neighbor, friend or relative in the event of a non life threatening situation  or summon emergency 911 dispatch in the event of a life threatening medical emergency.

The two-way voice helps operators to determine what type of assistance is needed. The user can also give the operator pertinent information that may help paramedics deliver effective and timely care – including the onset of symptoms and any allergies.


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