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Med Alert Services – Without Home Phone!

Med Alert Services – Without Home Phone!

If you’ve been searching for a life alert system without home phone – you’ll be out of luck. Life alert doesn’t offer their service without a home phone – but Med Alert does!! We are now in the era of the cell phone. Actually, we’ve been here since the late 70′s. The first cell phone call was made in April of 1973 and landline telephone services have been fighting the fade ever since. What does this mean for you? Or your parents?

The baby boomer generation is getting older and generational families are living happily under a single roof. The younger generation has long ago given up on landline telephones. So now what do you do? You need a medical alarm system but don’t have a home telephone? Well, technology is advancing rapidly and Med Alert can now offer state of the art two way voice medical monitoring without home phone!

Med Alert necklaces, bracelets, and the help button in general is meant to be there to help! But, if you’re over paying for a landline telephone each and every month just to have the priviledge of paying your monthly life alert bill, the help can get more and more expensive. We know that seniors are often managing a tight budget and that cell phone service can often provide the biggest bang for your dollar. Cellular phone plans often include free long distance plans, unlimited talking time and even text messaging to stay in touch with the grand kids!

Med Alert Response offers two way voice, medical alarm systems and medical monitoring with no home phone required!

Use your Med Alert system through the local cellular network. You won’t need the landline, or it’s expensive monthly bill. In fact, you don’t need a cell phone either for the Med Alert system to work.  By adding a cellular communicator to your Med Alert system, calls are routed to our central station monitoring facility using the cellular networks in your area.

In the event of a medical emergency, monitoring center representatives can contact a neighbor, friend or relative to assist in non life threatening situations or dispatch local police fire or medical personnel.

Med Alert without home phone is available nationwide. Please contact one of our Med Alert representatives at 1-800-950-1499!

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